" What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel"

Do you have a tingling sensation and numbness along with other symptoms in your hand and arm? Anything that causes pain and numbness in those parts of your body triggers a condition of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sometimes, it may not involve this particular syndrome to cause this feeling. Hence, it is always better to know about the condition so that you can get the right treatment.

When your carpal tunnel on the side of your palm is affected by the compressed nerve, it is a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As your median nerve is affected by this syndrome, your wrists including your entire fingers, except the little finger develop that tingling sensation.
When you have the feeling of tingling sensation, the sensation passes through the carpal tunnel constituted with bones and ligament. To say, the carpal tunnel reacts when there is a squeeze for the swelling on your wrist. This prompts the median nerve to hit back, and the symptoms of carpal tunnel are likely to express.
There are several factors involved to cause you this disorder. But the most relevant is the anatomy of your wrist, various health issues and repeated hand movements.  

The Early Signs Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The early signs of this disorder do not take serious shape at first, and there is slight numbness, tingling sensation, burning and pain occurring at a slow pace. The sensation will be felt at every single finger of your both hands, except the little finger. And the feeling gradually travels up your forearm.

Most often the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occur and take its ugly shapes at night. The only reason behind this awkward feeling being the tendency to sleep with wrists twisted or bent most of the time during your sleep, and most of the people generally sleep in this pattern. When the severity becomes too bad, it wakes you up from your sleep in the middle of the night, and it feels like shaking your hands to seek a relief from it.

As the days progress with the symptoms, the more severe symptoms become prevalent during the daytime as well. They happen due to a range of activities you suppose to do all through the day. Any activities involving your wrists being twisted or bent for a long period of time, you feel its severity. While you drive a car, hold a phone, or read a newspaper, all these acts require a long involvement of your wrists.
At first, the symptoms are not very frequent. But with each passing day, they become quite prevalent and become worse.  
There are other symptoms too, you can notice gradually.

·         You feel like swelling in your fingers, but they don’t look like this.
·         Tingling and pain will gradually travel up your shoulder from the forearm.
·         Your thumbs and fingers will be affected too.

More Severe Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·         Your muscles tend to lose its elasticity and strength, and gradually you cannot hold anything for long.
·         You find it tough to deal with small objects like buttons and needles.
·         Sometimes, the conditions are so severe that you cannot distinguish between hot and cold.
Before it does more damage to you, you better consult your doctor.