"Thoughts about O.C.D"

Every person differs in terms of careers, hobbies, talents and even habits. Sometimes, these hobbies can give us a convoluted mindset which gradually becomes O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). In simple terms, OCD is a complicated mental illness which brings a different kind of suffering for the patient. Symptoms can differ as per the unique life experiences of the patient. This makes it highly un-diagnosable. 

Every sufferer, which goes under the trauma of OCD, experiences various compulsions and obsessions. 

Purely Obsessional OCD is a type of OCD which causes unwanted compulsions to the sufferer. The sufferer may succumb to such intrusive thoughts with traits like

•    Washing hands and counting.

•    Doing it repetitively.

It is quite challenging to treat such OCDs and most of the sufferers do not recognize the problem until years pass away. 

Also, Pure OCD differs from person to person. Some of the common categories of obsessions are violence, health, sexuality, romance, responsibility etc.

Some of the common OCD compulsions come like:

A thought of Guilt:

Thoughts about insecurity and feeling that you’re a bad person for thinking violent or sexual intrusive thoughts.

Feeling like a bad person:

You feel that your character is at a risk if you do the wrong thing.  Many times you feel destroyed if someone thinks you’re a bad person.    

Habits of Avoidance:

You Avoid objects, places, and people that relate to the nature of your obtrusive thoughts.

The habit of Answer Seeking:

You tend to establish legitimacy and determine the answers to your thoughts and feelings. 


Going to religious places and talking with clergy members about your actions. Or getting reassurance from family, that you’ve reached the right conclusion.


Looking online to find answers to your questions and thoughts. 

Similarly, Harm OCD is another kind of trauma, which a person can experience. These sufferers remain worried about harming other people. This makes that person have unwanted violent thoughts. 

Some of the harm OCD compulsions are:

Obscuring everyday objects:

They feel an impulse to make scarce the everyday items which can harm someone such as Forks, kitchen knife, scissors or ropes. 

Keeping a check on Eatables

You keep on checking if you have not put any kind of poison in the food or drink of your loved one.

Extensive Researching

Often, you check upon or look for convicted criminals who caused some kind of harm to others. You create your own profile or personality to make sure that, you do not have the similar characteristics. 

A Seeking of Reassurance

You keep on assuring if you have done the right thing.

While there come various similarities in individuals which manifest this specific kind of anxieties, these types of OCD can help you figure out, your problem. Every type of sufferer goes through these compulsions, but any one of them fit into one bracket. A range of symptoms can help you figure out your type. Generally, these thoughts are uncontrollable and can only be managed with the help of professional help. If your thoughts differentiate you as a sufferer, then identify and do not shy away in seeking help!