"How fast can one get cirrhosis"

Drinking more than enough alcohol for years on increases the chances of cirrhosis. It triggers fat and inflammation inside the liver, making it less . Also, there is no standard bad-amount of alcohol. To hurt the liver, the quantity differs from person to person. In general terms, women should stop after having one drink a day. Men should stop after two.

When a scar tissue replaces a healthy tissue in your liver, it leads to the development of Cirrhosis develops.  Over a long course of time, healthy tissues gets damaged. 

The scar tissue converts the liver texture into hard, and over the time, the organ starts to fail. 

Cirrhosis a progressive disease which develops slowly over the course of many years. The building-up of scar tissue slows the liver function and eventually stops it.

If you think, how much time, it takes to build the Cirrhosis, then the answer is a bit relieving. However, if it happens, it is never a smooth sail. For cirrhosis development, continuous damage to the liver needs to happen. When healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue in the liver, the condition becomes severe. It can actually start hampering the blood flow through the liver

Cirrhosis can be graded in three stages like below:

  • A:
    Relatively mild

  • B:

  • C:
Doctors categorize Cirrhosis into two parts known as compensated or decompensated. 

In Compensated cirrhosis, liver can work normally even despite carrying the damage. On the other hand, in decompensated condition, liver cannot function properly and causes acute symptoms.

Cirrhosis is considered as the final stage of liver disease.
If we look from the percentage perspective, almost 10 to 20 percent of heavy drinkers develop cirrhosis after a period of 10 or more years. Gulping 80 grams of ethanol on the daily basis, for a straight period of 10 to 20 years will be needed to develop cirrhosis. This becomes a probable amount of amount of one liter of wine, almost eight beers, or we can say one half pint of hard liquor every day.

What are the symptoms of liver damage?
If we search for the red flags, there are hard to spot any.  You'll often show zero symptoms of a liver damage on initial stages. 

Usually, the very first sign of probably liver damage is fatigue. Although, we can hardky boil down that story to liver damage. On the path of liver failure, you will have yellow skin and jaundice eyes. Also, the urine gets even darker. When liver fails to clear toxins from the blood and body, it starts affecting the brain which causes confusion I everything you do. 

Drinking alcohol in moderate levels is the only solution to enjoying it without damages. Those who stop drinking with a liver disease experiences improved health. Those who do not stop at the right time, suffers from poor outlook and will face a myriad of complications of diseases like Cirrhosis. 

Liver transplantation is the only cure for such severe liver failure disease. It is important to limit the consumption even before and after surgery.